Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will we pay for entertainment and if so will the entertainers receive wages in an Equal Money System?

There will be no payments or wages within an Equal Money System. Entertainment will be on a ‘give and receive’ basis, where those who enjoy to provide entertainment, will do so as an expression of themselves and those who enjoy to watch or listen to music, acting, sports, etc. will be able to receive this entertainment.

There is no need for entertainers to receive money to do what they enjoy doing. entertainmentThey are already provided for through the system. This will allow artists and sports players the freedom of expression that is currently lacking in the world. Have a look at the songs that are being produced and their video-clips – the songs are no longer expressions of beings, they are a string of words, sounds and tones as calculated impulses designed to have people want to buy the product. Artists have producers to answer to, who, due to money, have a great influence over their work. Professional sports-players are under constant pressure and push themselves and their bodies to ridiculous bounds, because of money. Within an Equal Money System, entertainment will find itself again: from a money-making industry it will simply be all about having fun and expressing oneself again.

In terms of the entertainment itself and what is acceptable as a form of entertainment and what not – this will be determined according to the principle of what is best for all. Activities that are seen as entertainment that have a high cost in terms of harm that is done unto the environment, animals or other human beings, will no longer exist.

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