Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ECONOMY is the Science of REAL EVIL

When you study economy, you will be surprised at how clearly they show you that the current economic system DOES NOT WORK. From the perspective that:
  • They are aware that within the current economic system, only those with money will be provided for and anyone else is excluded and doomed to suffer in poverty.
  • They are aware that the current economic system is based on everyone's desire to make profit and become wealthy without any regard for the well-being of all.
  • They are aware that any attempt within the current money system – of for instance government-interventions – to try and prevent or stop poverty, is ineffective – the intended effects always back-lash and make the situation worse. And this is not because the interventions are carried out ineffectively. To operate within the current system, you are dealing with a certain mathematical equation that you simply cannot temper with. You can 'intervene' for a moment and try to manipulate the outcomes = but soon enough the system will simply balance itself out again.
This then begs the question: Why the hell are we STILL operating within the current system, if all economists are aware that the system DOES NOT WORK???

Surely, by now, someone must have come up with the simple insight that: 'Hey! If this current system does not work then maybe we should just design a new system! One that is not based on personal profit, but on what is best for all!!'

So – why are we not hearing about it, why – after all these centuries – are we still splashing around in the same retarded system? And I repeat: All economists understand the consequences of this system, understand the principles that it is based on – and understand that the abusive effects of this system, such as poverty, starvation and crime cannot be fixed from within the system. They understand that: if we want to continue with this system, then we'll have to accept poverty, starvation and crime – simple as that.

When I started studying economy, I wondered how much I would get to know about how the system really works and how much the information would be 'falsified'. And – I was so surprised to see that the information is all there, laid out before me, for me to understand and grasp. They explain how the system works, why it works the way it does, what its problems are and how we cannot fix the problems from within the system.

So – if I understand that: WITHIN THE CURRENT SYSTEM, there is NO SOLUTION TO POVERTY – then surely, all the economists who have their Masters and shit in Economy, understand the exact same thing.


And then I remembered the sad, ridiculous truth of science:

As a scientist, you are not to make statements such as 'this is what should happen', 'we should not do this', 'this would be better', 'this system sucks'. As a scientist, one has to capture the information, makes sense of it and be able to explain it and THAT's IT.

Why? Because according to the philosophy of science – scientists have to remain 'objective'. Scientists must get the facts, understand the facts and explain the facts – they mustn't say that the facts could've been different if only we'd changed the current system and that we should therefore change the system. Nope. Because – see, apparently then, you're being 'subjective' and that's 'not cool'.


And as soon as you start making statements about how the economic system is a mess and it doesn't work and we should change it – because: look around: we're accepting poverty, crime, abuse, rape, murder, starvation, profit, personal gratification – all in the name of the SYSTEM! – you can't be taken seriously anymore as an economist, because now you've gone and let your subjectivity 'cloud your judgment'! 'That's really unprofessional of you!'

And obviously, anyone else who figures out that the system doesn't work is not going to be taken seriously – why? BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT AN EXPERT! You're not an economist – 'sorry, you don't know what you're talking about.'

So – we've created this magnificent closed system of information control. Basically saying: "If you want to study Economy, that is cool. But you must understand – you're not allowed to use your knowledge against the current system. In fact, you're not allowed to make any normative statements about the system in any way. If you do, you'll simply not be taken seriously as an economist and then you won't be able to get a job as an economist and then you won't be able to make money and then you'll DIE!! "

So – what's the point of studying economy then? Well, the following: "We have good news, though! If you study economy, you'll know how the system works. You'll know the ins and outs and be able to use that knowledge in your advantage. That's right! You'll be able to manipulate the system to suit you, to take advantage of others! Isn't that wonderful!"

And that is exactly why we haven't had anyone else come up with an Equal Money System. (Which – honestly – is the obvious solution to the current system if you understand how the system works. Meaning: all economists already KNOW that it is the solution.)

The reason that we are not already living in a society based on equal money and what is best for all – is because:

  1. Science is designed in such a way that it will never really allow change, because the experts are not allowed to speak up
  2. Economists do not want to speak up and rather use the 'secret knowledge' to give themselves advantage in the system, to gain personal power
  3. Economists who do want to make a change and want to do research on the topic, will not get funds. Why? Because funding comes from either someone who expects to gain profit out of your research, or from the government. (Remember – this is how the system works, your research is your 'proof' – if you don't have 'proof' no one wants to listen to you.)
No individual or business will fund research into equal money, because equal money is about stopping profit – so obviously, if you're a profit-seeking business-man, you're not going to support research into equal money.
The government is not going to fund you either, because the government consists of politicians who are too concerned with remaining in power and winning the next elections. Therefore – what they're interested in is quick-fix solutions to make it look like something is happening, to make it look like they care and to prevent too much protest. So – they will invest in short-term projects, rather than an actual long-term solution.

So – Leila and I are working on a video-series to assist you in understanding the basic mechanics of our current economic system. Because, once you understand how the current system works, you'll understand why an Equal Money System is the solution. I suggest you also read up on Leila's latest blog-post: Vocabulary is the Key to Self-Expansion – in relation to not allowing yourself to be intimidated by economy or the science of economy. Those that are currently in control and in power of the world understand how the economic system functions – if we want to change the system – we have to stand equal to that. I will make an announcement with links on this blog as soon as the first video of the series is online!

To all those who understand how the current economic system operates – yes, I'm talking to all of you economists out there – if you don't want to be an evil bastard: join us. Those ideas you've had silently come up in yourself several times as you were studying of 'this doesn't seem right' and 'is there no other way?' – stop suppressing that! The economic system is just that: a system created by human beings. And if you are a human being who understands the ins and outs of this system and understands that this system is abusive and is not what's best for all – then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to act! It is your responsibility to speak! It is your responsibility to do everything in your power to bring about a new system!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Self Comes Forth within Agreement

Comfort as how it is lived and experienced in this world is as a 'hiding' from pain. Comfort always occurs After something unpleasant has happened to you and then someone comes to comfort you. Comfort – Come into my fort – Come here, I will comfort you, I will create an apparent fort around you, where you can pretend that you are safe and secure from whatever it is you're hiding from. In that, you can suppress your experience so that it feels like it is now 'gone'.
This definition and application of the word 'comfort' is quite problematic – as all that happens is a suppression of what you are experiencing. And – in a way this is obvious, because – most of the time – what you are actually trying to hide and run away from, is yourself, your own inner experiences. No fort is going to keep you safe from yourself… so all that you 'can' do – apparently – is to suppress your inner emotions so that they are gone and you are now 'safe'.

In those moments, where you seek comfort from someone – what is usually the experience? It is an experience of inner turmoil and it is like this inner turmoil has 'taken over' inside yourself. And all you can do is just be that turmoil and cry as the turmoil and worry with the turmoil and think about the turmoil and it is like a storm that doesn't stop and the only way you know for the storm to stop is to have someone else step in and comfort you.

In that storm, in that inner turmoil – it is like you have lost yourself.

So – what is the alternative? How can you stop the storm without having someone comfort you and suppressing the entire experience? Because – common sense – if the experience is suppressed, it means it is not gone at all – it is merely suppressed. You don't feel it anymore, but it's still there, lurking in the depths and the shadows of yourself. And with any next opportunity, when you are off-guard, it will just come storming back in, taking you over, all over again.

The alternative is for you to – from within the storm – stand up. This is done through applying self-forgiveness, breathing and self-corrective statements. As you apply these tools, you will see that the storm clears – and you come forth. When self comes forth – that must be… self-comfort.

Instead of being comforted by someone saying 'come into my fort' where you can try to hide from the storm inside yourself – you comfort yourself; allowing yourself to Come Forth through applying the tools of breathing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.

This new perspective on the word 'comfort' is also applicable in relation to the words 'comfortable' and 'comfortability'. Because – when you say that you are comfortable in the presence of a particular being, do you not mean that you are able to be yourself? That you feel that you are able to share things with this person that you would not normally share? So – you are comfort-able – able to come forth as who you are. Eventually, you want to be able to be here as who you are no matter what – though, initially, you will find that you feel comfortable only around certain beings.

In terms of an agreement partner – that comfortability is what you are looking for – someone where you are able to come forth – where you feel like you can share things that you would not normally share, where there is no pressure to be anything else than just you. This point of comfortability is signalling to you that there is potential for an agreement here.

If you find an agreement partner and both of you have decided to walk together – you will find moments where you are no longer comfortable, where you want to hide from the other, where you want to run away from the person, where you want to 'appear better' to the person, etc. This does not mean that your agreement is now invalid and that you have to break up. It simply means that you're facing a particular point. Then, it is to push yourself to communicate with the other being, push yourself back to that point of comfort. Stand up – come forth.

If you keep on applying this point, if you keep on pushing for that point of self-comfortability within agreement – you will see that it becomes much easier for you to be comfortable around other beings as well. What are agreements, but a training ground in realising your equality and oneness to and as other beings?

So – remember that it is not because you are comfortable in the presence of a particular being, that this comfortability will remain unchanged if you decide to walk an agreement together. Your comfortability is a starting-point. As you walk together and go through all kinds of experiences that are being triggered and you suddenly realise that you're not at all comfortable with your agreement partner anymore – that's when you want to go back to your starting-point. Because if you continue as you are, where you are in each other's presence, but not actually present as you with the other – you'll each move into separate directions, individually and communication will become more and more problematic.

So – go back to your starting-point, meaning: push for that point of open communication. Share what it is that you're experiencing, despite feeling uncomfortable about it. And as you talk with each other, and openly share what each one has been experiencing, you're placing yourself back as the starting-point of comfortability. This means that you're both present again, here, together – and able to direct the particular point that caused you to become uncomfortable around each other in the first place.