Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who will create jobs? Will I need a job to live?

You won’t need to have a job in an Equal Money System. According to each beings’ requirements, you will receive credits with which you can acquire that which you need to sustain yourself.

Remember that in its most basic form, economy is what has to do with the distribution of resources to satisfy needs and wants. In our current economic system, you require to earn money through working, so that, with the money you earned, you can get access to any goods and services with which you can satisfy these needs and wants – whereby not everyone receives an equal amount of money, works equally hard and where not everyone is able to get a job that will get them money to then get to the goods and services they need.

In an Equal Money System, we simply manage the distribution of resources according to the principle of what is best for all – instead of having to work for your survival you are simply being given access to what you need. Because of how the world currently works, we’ve become accustomed to the belief that we need to ‘earn our living’ – but really, that is only one of the answers to the questions of how to get the resources from the Earth to the people, and one that has proven to have many harmful consequences.

Harvesting-equal-moneyTherefore, there will be no necessity for people to have a job through which to earn money and provide for themselves. In terms of providing the necessary goods and services to sustain the population, this ‘work’ will be done by youngsters after graduation and who will for a few years of their lives (about 4 years) dedicate themselves to providing the goods and services that are required to sustain the population. Remember that many products will no longer be produced within an Equal Money System as they are either abusive or were just produced for the sake of making money, instead of being an actual contribution to the quality of a person’s life. Only the best products will be produced and it will be produced in construction-equal-moneythe most effective and efficient way, which years of experience and know-how of big corporations will allow us to do. Products will be made to last, which will relieve a lot of the pressure on production. Also, currently, so much is being wasted and thrown away each day, it is disgraceful. Such waste is not necessary and does not serve any practical purpose. Within this context, you see that it is quite possible for a small part of the population to provide for the whole.

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  1. "youngsters after graduation ... will for a few years of their lives (about 4 years) dedicate themselves to providing the goods and services."

    What if they don't feel like "dedicating themselves" and what if they choose not to attend school? Or do you mean a voluntary, not a conscripted workforce?

    Otherwise it sounds a little like a sentence of slavery dressed in euphemistic rhetoric.