Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It’s Time to do what’s RIGHT

What Capitalists want you to believe is that – as rich people become richer, so do poor people.And if you ask the question: Well, does it seem right to you that there are very rich people and very poor people? They’ll reply: Well, as the rich people get richer, the poor people do too – isn’t that at least better than nothing? And in so doing, evading the actual question:

Does this seem RIGHT to you?

Any person with some common sense understands that it is not fair that simply because of where you are born, you can be swimming in wealth or swimming in shit.

But regardless of what’s right – are the poor actually getting richer? Let’s look at the facts. Here are is an excerpt from a reader by C.J. Napier (2010): Political Economy of Africa:

Africa’s foreign debts have increased nineteen-fold since 1970 and servicing the principal and interest payments presently consumes 47 percent of Africa’s export earnings, so that debt charges and food and fuel imports take up almost all of most African countries’ foreign earnings, leaving next to nothing to finance development. Each year during the 1980s the Third World as a whole exported to the developed world an average of $20 billion in debt payments, and in 1988 this figure reached $43 billion and by 2006 it reached 52 billion US dollars. So, from the 1980s to the present, not only did the centuries-old gap between the rich and poor countries grow bigger, it literally became the case that the world’s poor were financing the lifestyle of the rich of the West.

Poor countries may seem to acquire more wealth when looking at the Gross Domestic Production figures, but really – in the background their debt towards the rich just grows and grows – so there is no room for actual expansion. Instead – a deeper and deeper hole is dug every day.

When looking at the world population as a whole and then looking at all the world’s resources that are available: if some of the world’s population start consuming more of the resources than they would if the resources were equally distributed among the world population – you obviously create a lack somewhere else.

And guess what…

There is a price to pay for luxury.

There is a price to pay for greed.

There is a price to pay for abundance.

There is a price to pay for waste.

There is a price to pay for glamour.

There is a price to pay for status.

There is a price to pay for consumerism.

There is a price to pay for lack of consideration.

There is a price to pay for righteousness.

There is a price to pay for inequality.

And this price we pay in LIVES – every day.

So – forget about capitalism and their sweet-talk of ‘oh see, we’re helping the poor too!’ That’s just a distorted representation of reality where you’re not shown the flip-side of the coin.

Get back to the basics and ask yourself: Is it RIGHT that there exists such a big GAP between rich and poor? And your common sense says: No, it’s NOT right.

Capitalism is unable to close this gap – capitalism NEEDS the gap between rich and poor to be there so that some may feel like they ‘have it all’ – in spite of others who can forget about any decency in what shouldn’t even be called ‘life’. Capitalists NEED you to believe that capitalism works so that capitalists can feed off of the poor.

So – forget about capitalism. Instead – start standing up for what’s RIGHT.

What is RIGHT is that each being should have access to the resources they require to sustain themselves, no matter where they are born.

What is RIGHT is that each being’s fundamental right to a decent and dignified life should be honoured and put into application.

What is RIGHT is that you shouldn’t be allowed to waste the Earth’s resources, just because you can.

To be able to do what is RIGHT we have to let go of the old paradigm and make space for a new Economic paradigm that is based on what’s RIGHT and nothing less.

This new Economic Paradigm is an Equal Money System. It’s what you knew was RIGHT all along – as a child, as a teenager, as an adult – but that you started ignoring, because you also wanted to feel like you could ‘have it all’.

Time to cut the crap and get back to reality!

When the planet’s resources are depleted – there will be no saving grace for anyone – whether you’re rich or poor. And at the current rate – the resources are depleting FAST. An economy that promises eternal economic growth is simply not feasible when considering that the Earth’s resources are limited.

Capitalism is based on each one’s desire to live a life of (materialistic) abundance and what capitalists want you to believe is that this is possible for everyone. Well, sorry… it’s not!

Open your eyes! What is used to produce all the materialistic goods in the world is resources the Earth provides – and the Earth can only provide so much at a time. We’re currently consuming more than the Earth is able to replenish. Earth is dying in front of our eyes and under our feet – and yet, we can’t see, because all we see can see is this perfect-pictured life that we so dearly want. Wake up – it’s not going to happen.

Better let go of the dream you won’t get to live. Start working with what is here – start considering what it is that we’re doing and start making plans to change the way resources are distributed and managed so that we stop killing the planet we ALL depend on.

The Earth is ill and getting worse every day – once Earth dies – it’s bye-bye for everyone; no matter if you’re rich or poor.

So – get back to basics – get back in touch with reality. It’s not too late to do what’s RIGHT.

Do research on a new Economic Paradigm that may be our saving grace and only chance at www.equalmoney.org.

If you find that this is what’s RIGHT – let it be known, share it on Facebook – create your own blog and spread the news.

Something can still be done while there is time – but there isn’t much time – no more time to dream.

It’s time to do what’s RIGHT.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Democratic Economic System – Is this possible?

Economics is the science that tries to find answers to the question: How to distribute scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs?

The way in which Capitalism answers this question is through prices. The price of a good or service determines who has access to the good or service: those who are able and willing to pay the price.

So – who determines prices?

The answer to this question requires a bit of explanation. See – what determines the price of a good or service is the interaction between supply and demand.

So – let’s first have a look at those two words: Supply and Demand.

The Law of Supply states that: if nothing else changes, suppliers will supply more goods and services to the market when these goods and services have higher prices, and will supply less if these goods and services have lower prices. The underlying ‘assumption’ here is that: if goods or services have higher prices, more profit can be made from them. This attracts people to want to sell/supply these products.

The Law of Demand states that: if nothing else changes, people will buy more of a product when the price of the product decreases, and will buy less of the product when the price of the product increases. You can cross-reference this with your own experience – you may like an expensive brand of clothes, but because of the high price, you may not buy as many as you’d like. Whereas, when there are sales and the prices go down, you may be willing and able to buy more items.

So – suppliers will be inclined to make the prices high, so as to make profit. Yet – if they make the price too high, too few people will be willing and able to buy the product – which will lower their profits. So – this is how the interaction between the market-forces of Supply and Demand determine the prices of goods in our economy. I suggest you also read Leila’s blogs to read up on the specifics of how prices are determined, so that you get a more clear understanding of our economy: http://leilaequalmoney.blogspot.com/2012/01/our-economic-system-doomed-to-face.html

Now – it is important to note that Demand only refers to those people are wiling AND ABLE to buy a product. This means: you want it and you can pay for it. This is very important considering the role demand plays within the determination of prices, and thus who gets access to the scarce resources of the Earth. Because – not everyone has the same amount of money. That means – the amount of money you have determines how much you are able to influence the price of a product – and thus, whether or not you’ll be able to afford the product.

The economic system really works like a form of auction. Let’s take a simple example to clarify this: Let’s say there is a car for auction. The bidding starts at $5. At$5, everyone present is willing and able to buy the car – but there is only one car on auction. So, the price goes up. At $5000, there are still a lot of people willing and able to bauctionuy the car, but less than before. The problem is still not solved, because there is only 1 car. So, the price goes up again – and again, and again – until a price is reached that only 1 person is willing and able to pay for the car. The car is then sold to that one person.

Our economy works in the exact same way – except that there are usually more than one item of the good available. Say that there are 50 cars for sale. At a low price, everyone would want the car – there would be too few cars for the amount of people demanding a car. This would cause a shortage in the market. So – what happens is, the price goes up. At a higher price, there may still be many people who are willing and able to buy the car, but less than at the low price. Unfortunately – the amount of cars available is still too little to satisfy this group of demanders. So – the price goes up again, and again, and again – until the amount of people left who are willing and able to pay a certain price – is equal to the amount of cars that are available.

So – what can we learn from this example: that those with more money have a huge advantage over those with less money. The fact that you can only demand a good or service if you’re willing and able to pay for it, means that you have no voice, no way to demand a good if you can’t back it up with money. In economy it is said that who has access to which goods, is determined through money-votes. Well, considering that not everyone has the same amount of money and thus, the same amount of money-votes, we can start asking some serious questions – and really… this is all you need to know about economy to understand that this system is unjustified!

I mean – most countries in the world uphold democratic electoral systems and values: one man, one vote. We wouldn’t think of giving one person 5 votes, another person 1000 votes and another person no vote at all when it comes to politics! Yet – that is exactly how our economy works. For those who live in a democracy – you actually don’t! How can you live in a democracy when the primary system that determines people’s lives doesn’t comply to the basic democratic principles! There is no such thing as a democracy on this planet! It’s a lie! What does it matter if your interests are equally represented on a political level, if they are not equally represented on an economic level – the level that actually matters! I mean – what do you worry most about? Who is the president in your country or the amount of money in your pocket?

If a country were truly governed by democratic principles, then so would the economic system in that country. The only way to do that is through Equal Money. In our current system: 1% holds 99% of the money-votes, while the remaining 99% holds only sorry-ass percent of the money-votes. In an Equal Money system it is simple: 1 man, 1 vote. Badge - 2008 electionIt doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter who your parents are: you have an equal vote to everyone else – and in that, you have equal access to everyone else to the goods and services you require.

Be 1 vote for World Equality!

Educate yourself on the Equal Money System proposal at www.equalmoney.org – join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/9203980618/ - and make your vote known!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chemo Therapy is A Money-Making Scheme!

The greed existent within Human Beings on Earth is so extensive that most of what we take for granted is in fact harmful and exists/ is done in the interest of only a few, to make profit.
In the documentary ‘Healing Cancer’(*) the industries who produce treatment for cancer are being exposed for doing just that. Most cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy to reduce the tumors that have manifested in the patients’ bodies. This chemotherapy is nothing else but poison – a highly dangerous poison that basically affects every organ and system in and of the body – causing many patients to lose functionality, become incredibly ill, or even create more cancer! What has been said about cancer patients is this: “If the cancer doesn’t kill them, the treatment will.”

What you’re not told as a cancer patient is that chemotherapy works as well as a sugar pill, or a placebo. When showing the statistics of trials, they present the numbers in a deceptive way, through using relative percentages, instead of absolute percentages. Relative percentages of benefit can be as high as 80%, while the absolute percentage can be less than 1%. What determines the actual effectiveness of a treatment is the absolute percentage, but that is conveniently left out. Chemotherapy – in absolute percentages is actually as effective or even less effective than a sugar pill.

So – chemotherapy being a poison that pushes the body into a spiral of dysfunction and illness without doing what it is meant to do (treat cancer) – why is chemotherapy still being used? The answer is sickeningly simple: because of greed. The medication for chemotherapy is extremely expensive and is thus being kept in circulation because it makes some people extremely wealthy.

Treating cancer patients with chemotherapy is simply an extreme form of abuse – to milk a sick person from its money – redirecting the money from the masses to the few elites in this world.
This bullshit has to stop! How deep a hole do you have in your soul, thinking you can fill it with millions of dollars at the expense of the human race, the animal kingdom and Earth in its entirety? It’s time for humanity to stop and get back to basics. Who the hell are we? What is it we really want? What do we want the world to be for the children to come?

The answer to the questions that really matter aren’t solved with greed. Unfortunately, before humanity will be able and willing to change its behaviour as a group – greed and fear of not having any money to survive have to be dealt with. Therefore, I support an Equal Money System wherein each one’s basic needs are provided for unconditionally – from birth to death – where a dignified life is a given – where healthcare is actually truly about caring for people and not scaring them, or even killing them.

If you feel the same way or agree we need a drastic change – check out ‘What the FAQ is an Equal Money System?’ to get a clearer picture of what’s possible.

PS: for cancer patients – time to take responsibility. Do some research on changing to a plant-based diet to assist your body in re-establishing a healthy immune system. Your body is capable of destroying cancer if you provide your body with what it needs to be effective. As a rule of thumb – always do your homework before you agree to ingest poison. It’s become a belief that doctors know best and that a ‘regular person’ isn’t capable of understanding the body, what’s wrong with it or what’s best for it. But it’s actually merely a question of taking the time and looking it up. If your life is on the line – what do you have to lose?

* "Healing Cancer" (2008): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1646206/