Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chemo Therapy is A Money-Making Scheme!

The greed existent within Human Beings on Earth is so extensive that most of what we take for granted is in fact harmful and exists/ is done in the interest of only a few, to make profit.
In the documentary ‘Healing Cancer’(*) the industries who produce treatment for cancer are being exposed for doing just that. Most cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy to reduce the tumors that have manifested in the patients’ bodies. This chemotherapy is nothing else but poison – a highly dangerous poison that basically affects every organ and system in and of the body – causing many patients to lose functionality, become incredibly ill, or even create more cancer! What has been said about cancer patients is this: “If the cancer doesn’t kill them, the treatment will.”

What you’re not told as a cancer patient is that chemotherapy works as well as a sugar pill, or a placebo. When showing the statistics of trials, they present the numbers in a deceptive way, through using relative percentages, instead of absolute percentages. Relative percentages of benefit can be as high as 80%, while the absolute percentage can be less than 1%. What determines the actual effectiveness of a treatment is the absolute percentage, but that is conveniently left out. Chemotherapy – in absolute percentages is actually as effective or even less effective than a sugar pill.

So – chemotherapy being a poison that pushes the body into a spiral of dysfunction and illness without doing what it is meant to do (treat cancer) – why is chemotherapy still being used? The answer is sickeningly simple: because of greed. The medication for chemotherapy is extremely expensive and is thus being kept in circulation because it makes some people extremely wealthy.

Treating cancer patients with chemotherapy is simply an extreme form of abuse – to milk a sick person from its money – redirecting the money from the masses to the few elites in this world.
This bullshit has to stop! How deep a hole do you have in your soul, thinking you can fill it with millions of dollars at the expense of the human race, the animal kingdom and Earth in its entirety? It’s time for humanity to stop and get back to basics. Who the hell are we? What is it we really want? What do we want the world to be for the children to come?

The answer to the questions that really matter aren’t solved with greed. Unfortunately, before humanity will be able and willing to change its behaviour as a group – greed and fear of not having any money to survive have to be dealt with. Therefore, I support an Equal Money System wherein each one’s basic needs are provided for unconditionally – from birth to death – where a dignified life is a given – where healthcare is actually truly about caring for people and not scaring them, or even killing them.

If you feel the same way or agree we need a drastic change – check out ‘What the FAQ is an Equal Money System?’ to get a clearer picture of what’s possible.

PS: for cancer patients – time to take responsibility. Do some research on changing to a plant-based diet to assist your body in re-establishing a healthy immune system. Your body is capable of destroying cancer if you provide your body with what it needs to be effective. As a rule of thumb – always do your homework before you agree to ingest poison. It’s become a belief that doctors know best and that a ‘regular person’ isn’t capable of understanding the body, what’s wrong with it or what’s best for it. But it’s actually merely a question of taking the time and looking it up. If your life is on the line – what do you have to lose?

* "Healing Cancer" (2008):

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  1. this is really interesting - its the same with the medication-industry, I stopped my medications months ago but now, every time I go see a doctor they tell me that I really really REALLY should reconsider taking the pills-EVEN THOUGH my health is waaaaaaaaaaay better now then what it was when I used medication. Its sickening, The medications I had cost like at least 2000 Swedish SEK/month (equivalent to 2340 rand/month) It's no common sense within this, its all about profit. Its pure abuse.